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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I will briefly present two patients with Lyme carditis and heart block. The first patient was urgently admitted to the hospital ICU with a heart rate of 18 twelve years ago. While the cardiologist prepared placement of a permanent pacemaker a Lyme test came back positive. A temporary pacemaker was placed and the patient improved. This patient developed an allergy to Rocephin and IV therapy was stopped prematurely. All told, his treatment included two weeks of Rocephin and another two weeks of oral doxycyline. I saw him this week. He is in robust health.

The second patient was not as lucky; I am treating her now. She too developed complete heart block, two years ago. A permanent pacemaker was placed. Her Lyme test was not CDC positive. She went on to develop a host of symptoms. Lyme was diagnosed by another LLMD. She had already failed months of oral therapy when we first met. She has started contemplating disability. She had miserable endurance and a brain that was not working. A SPECT scan showed diffuse hypoperfusion in both hemispheres.

First we treated for Babesia until the night sweats and flu like symptoms abated and then we started an intensive regimen of IV antibiotics, eventually to include 3. Six months down the road her brilliant brain is back. We are both thrilled. (Insurance only covered the first two months; she has gone broke in the process). Endurance still stinks and is ever so slowly improving. Ups and downs - going in the right direction. She still needs long periods of rest for recovery after only minimal activity.

She is half way through the disability process - now what?

A good quandary.


Karen said...

Just wondering how long you treated the babesia? Are you planning on returning to treating this?

desertlily said...

A little off topic, but have you had any patients with pulmonary hypertension and Lyme, or one of the co-infections - especially babesia and/or bartonella?

Just received the diagnosis (from cardiologist) and after talking with LLMD, wondering if there could be a connection, maybe due to endothelial inflammation?

Wondering how many people are dealing with "idiopathic PH" that may be tick born related. Just curious if you had any experience with this.

Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD said...

No connection that I know of

worriedmom said...

Did she try any light physcial therapy to regain muscle strength...? not areobics or cardio, just muscle conditioning to start.

Does she have any vertigo or motion sickness? "Vestibular nerve retraining" helped us for that, but it needed a specaily trained therapist. We got good results from a therapist named Krisi at the Union Memorial Sports Clinic and Rehab in Bel Air.

Recently, it seems like we got significant, but not quite complete symptomatic relief with chiropractor and later acupuncture. But not sure if it's going to last yet.