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Monday, February 27, 2012

ADD and Herbs

A 56 year old heretofore high functioning business executive presented with multiple cognitive difficulties, primarily impaired executive function. Information presented to the brain was poorly processed. Watch for ADD or ADHD called "adult onset" ADD. There is no such thing. Adult ADD is the continuation of childhood disease. True ADD presents during early childhood and is generally associated with a family history. Symptoms may include: brain fog,trouble focusing, inattentiveness, spotty memory loss, inability to winnow out key information, slow problem solving, loss of mathematical and/or verbal skills, trouble following conversations, impulsively and others.

The SPECT scan in ADD and Lyme may show similar findings: decreased activity in the frontal lobes. In both cases, dopaminergic (drugs that promote dopamine neural pathways) may be of benefit.

In this case, fatigue, low grade fevers and joint, muscle pain, headaches and strange neurological symptoms including formications, ( feeling of something crawling under the skin) were also present.

And there was a positive Western Blot.

This highly intelligent patient at first did not want to learn about Lyme disease. "Just treat me as you see fit. Your the doctor." I explained to her it was critical she become Lyme literate. Its not as simple as bringing your car to the garage.

After two months she showed signs of improvement. At three months she was doing superbly.

She confided in me. She had added Samento, Banderol, Reservratol and Astralagus to the antibiotics: her own special mix. I guess she had been doing a little reading.

I pay attention to what my patients are taking. Some use the Cowden protocol. Other follow Buhner. Others take a hodgepodge of herbs such as: mushroom extract, olive leaf oil, oregano oil, teasel root - the list goes on. Many take a variety of vitamins and other non-herbal supplements. There is no one size fits all. My colleague who practices traditional Chinese medicines uses combinations of herbs, many not found on standard lists. He alters the mixes based on his clinical assessment of each patient. He has remarkable success. A lot like I do with antibiotics.

Successful CAM herbalist have studied there trade for years.

It seems online forums are replete with comments like "did you take this, did you take that, did it work for you?" Here's a hint. Folks who are better don't spend a lot of time on forums.

Do yourself a favor: please seen an expert.


LYMEMJ said...
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LYMEMJ said...

If we had more Doctors like you we wouldn't need to go to the Forums! I seriously think people is helping people because we do not have that many Drs to rely on and without these groups we would be lost, or dead!

Anonymous said...

I used the forums when first diagnosed as a reassurance that I wasn't alone, not so much for advice on what to use. However the discussions did lead me in the right direction to research alternative methods. Abandoned the forums when health improved so you are correct that those hanging out in the forums usually are the ones not doing so well so certainly do not have all the answers.

Camp Other said...

It seems online forums are replete with comments like "did you take this, did you take that, did it work for you?" Here's a hint. Folks who are better don't spend a lot of time on forums."

It's good advice, and I've heard it from more than one source.

I think another Lyme doctor also said something along these lines, too, in an interview. He said those that focused on their own lives and didn't spend time on forums - those whom worked to actively get better but also did as much as they could to focus on normal activities as they gradually improved seemed to get better sooner.

"Do yourself a favor: please seen an expert."

This. Yes. Thank you for saying this.

At least consult an expert if one can't see an expert regularly because one's funds are limited.

It could prevent more expensive problems further down the line.

Hilary Jacobson said...

What are the creepy crawly feelings? Is it nerve involvement?

Karen said...

I am wondering if the herbalist you are referring to is Gregg Lee? I would love to add to my western meds but am doing just what you said...taking advice off of forums.

teichmann said...

Thank so much for your great blog. I'm in Bethesda, was diagnosed with Lyme & Babesia a year ago (symptoms started about 4 yrs ago.) My husband and young daughters are also positive, and we are looking for an LLMD. Is there any chance you could squeeze us into your practice? How can I reach your office? Thank you.

worriedmom said...

But that's how we found out to check for Lyme disease and how we found you. I shutter to think what would have happened if we hadn't been able to find you.

It's how we found out about ILADS, IDSA, NatCapLyme, and more.

Gary Barrett said...

You told your patient to become lyme literate. She came back and told you she's taking some Cowden herbal remedies, and as you said, she obviously has been educating herself as you encouraged her to do. I would bet she went to lyme forums to educate herself.

I know you mean well, but lyme forums are our lifelines. And at one time, it was your life line too. Where do you think the majority of your referrals come from—lyme forums.

A new LLMD who reopened his office in Texas recently is getting swamped with patients, why? Because we on the Lyme forums are sending patients to him. He knows that, but sometimes when LLMDs become very successful, like you have, we have to wait months to get in to see good LLMD's like you (not complaining). Sometimes these good doctors forget who helped them get where they are today— Lyme forums.

We can't all afford a top notch LLMD like you, so many of us are left to fend for ourselves, and a good number of us are getting better, why? Because we get good ideas from each other on the Lyme forums.

Again, I know you mean well, but what you suggested is really not practical, or beneficial, to the majority of us who are very sick, and VERY broke.

By the way, I've referred dozens of people to you. All of them give you two thumbs up. Thank God for the forums where we can refer people who are searching for treatment from a good LLMD.

God bless you doctor, and thanks for your hard work and dedication to all of us who suffer with this dastardly disease.


Meredith said...

"Do yourself a favor: please see an expert."
Are you kidding. Lets start talking about what happens when the expert llmd (very expensive & takes no insurance) poisons you with antibotics.

I think us old Lymers (timers) should get together and let the newbies know what happens after years of pic lines and/ or oral antibotics. Maybe we should be talking about what can happen when a person takes long term Tindamax or Rifampin, etc. Long term pic lines. What LLmd's I went to never disclosed to me. They were given tens of thousands of dollars. They were the experts.

Dawn said...

I was just prescribed Rifampin..please tell me about this drug