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Friday, April 2, 2010


A very sick Lyme, a middle age male with: Babesia/ neuroborreliosis/abnormal SPECT scan is now feeling normal off antibiotics after 2 years of treatment. He also has "gluten sensitvity." Two children and a sister have celiac disease. He has tested negative for celiac. His TtG Iga is negative (supposedly an accurate screening test). Two gastric biopsies, the "gold standard" for celiac were negative. Nonetheless, tiny amounts of gluten cause symptoms: pains, fatigue, rash, neuropathy, and gastrointestinal symptoms, including GERD. Gluten free diets are difficult. Food advertised as gluten free may contain trace amounts of gluten and rapidly set off symptoms. Conclusion: gluten sensitivity exists along a continuum. Standard tests only reveal gross disease with macroscopic loss of intestinal villae. Other patients may have ultra-microscpic changes, not observed with standard tests. In predisposed individuals, gluten causes extreme immune reactivity. These symptoms must be teased out from those of Lyme