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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Under Our Skin

I apologize for not saying much about this documentary.
It is an absolute must see. Please order your copy. Show it to friends, family and anyone who has or might have Lyme disease. I commented on the doctors in the film. Most patients do not Herx as badly as the woman depicted in the film. The human side, the politics, the public health disaster are very well depicted.


PAlyme said...

I own a copy of "Under Our Skin". I highly recommend that anyone who has Lyme, knows anyone who has Lyme or wants to be educated about Lyme to purchase or find a way to see this film. It was one of three Documentary Films to be chosen to be shown at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival.

sicklywoodmancraig said...

Where do I begin? I just viewed "UNDER OUR SKIN" with my wife.

I just wanted to get this post off while it is still fresh in my mind. I consider myself to be very passionate in all my endeavors and this email is no different. I naturally walked away from this documentary with disgust, fear, loathing, and utter contempt. The complete insanity of the medical community, and the IDSA panel has left me with a feeling of anxiety that I won't be shaking for anytime soon. To me the solution is simple. For years, (as a joke) I would say "I would sell your soul for this or that" never say " I would sell my soul for that". It seems this is exactly what the IDSA panel has done.

If one truly understands, the IDSA states that they are willing to sell your life based on their recommendations. Would they be so quick to make their recommendations if it were their lives at risk"?

I am sure everyone is familiar with the term "Put your money where your mouth is". Would the IDSA panel be willing to "WEAR" a lyme infected tick for 5 days, remove it and receive the standard 14 days of antibiotics, per their recommendations and never touch an antibiotic again? I mean according to the panel, there would be no risk involved. Let's see them back their own statements. The doctor's that I viewed surely would have no issue. They are quite ready to bet your lives on their research, are they ready to bet their own lives? Are they ready to bet their loved ones would benefit from a mere two weeks of treatment? Would they still say that there is no such thing as chronic lymes? If their houses contained deer ticks with lyme, babesia. Would they merely pop a pill for two weeks and walk away? When they develop the headaches, sore joints, the stabbing pains, the confusion, the fear, the pain, the numb limbs, the pain, the never ending fatigue, the pain, would they simply pop some advil and walk away?

I think not, I think they would do everything possible to seek a cure, I think they would go to my doctor. I think they would seek out every doctor that was ever sued by the state. I think they would do everything they could to live a normal, pain free life.

Imagine the members of the IDSA with Lyme, Babesiosis. I bet they could change life as we know it overnight. Food for thought, a lot of thought.

Yours truly,

Sickly Woodman Craig

Babesia Babe said...

I saw Under Our Skin at the Silverdocs festival in Silver Spring, MD. I bought a copy on my way out of the theater. I have shown it to friends and family. It always gets an emotional reaction, everything from tears to rage.

I have often wanted to propose the same experiment Sickly Woodman Craig talked about. Would the IDSA doctors be willing to get infected and treat with a few weeks of Doxy? No way! They are the privileged few. The rest of us can go home and rot.

Is it any wonder people are fed up with our so-called medical system, insurance companies, and government agencies that are supposed to protect us? Why do so many people seek out alternative treatments? Because they feel they have to! Because they want to take back control of their health. Because they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and told it's all in their heads.

I am grateful for the few doctors with courage, like the one posting this blog. We need to use vehicles like this film to get the word out to all citizens. (The people at the screening I went to were all "Lymies," and already knew about the controversy.) Get your Congressional Representative to watch it!