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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I want to keep an open mind. Some patients claim that this works very well. Some patients use it by itself and others use it as part of an herbal protocol. Two different protocols are described by Cowden and Buhner. Some claim it is more effective than Cats Claw while others say it makes no difference. In my experience it has not been very effective. But I may be only seeing patients who are very ill and have failed non-traditional approaches including herbal therapy. I welcome feedback from patients who have a positive or negative response to this therapy. I have noted that the FDA has sent a nasty letter to a company who promotes such products. The manufacturers are not allow to say that these products treat any specific disease. Thanks


Unknown said...

I am taking Samento, Cumanda and other herbal I think useful. I would say it does have benefit. Even my knee inflamation did not go away. But my energy recovered a lot. And I think Cumanda somehow helped a lot in anti-inflamation becasue I was short of Cumanda for a few days, my knee swelling was worse. Since herbal effect is usally much slower, it is harder to tell. After taking a few months, they are pretty safe.

Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD said...


Are you on Cowden protocol? What is the cost? Would you combine herbs with antibiotics? Are you very sick with brain problems, or do you have a mild case with fatigue and joint pain? I suspect that a combination of antibiotics and herbs might help. What other herbs do you take?


Unknown said...
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Leslie said...
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