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Friday, July 25, 2008

Miracle in Germantown

I have a patient with the a horrendous case of Lyme. Neuroborreliosis and all the trimmings. She has had every intensive therapy known. In addition to Lyme she tested positive for Babesia. I have sent her to two other expensive Lyme specialists whose names I will not mention. One doc said we needed to control her depression before he could begin treating her Lyme Disease Complex in earnest. She was on a long list of drugs. The list could fill up an entire page. He put her on the mood stabilizer Lamictal to help with mood swings. She became completely delirious and confused. I took her off this medicine as well as several others.She was the worst she had been in years. She couldn't afford to go back to this doctor. I started her back on Zithro and Mepron for Babesia. She became dehydrated with possible acute kidney failure. She was admitted to the hospital for two days of intravenous fluids. Her labs returned to normal. She then came into my office two days later. She was almost 100% better. Her cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, and pains had all disappeared. She had new found energy. My staff was shocked when she drove herself to my office today. She tells me a lot of people were praying for her. My theory is that the Lamictal killed Human Herpes Virus 6 and that she Herxed. When the Babesia was re-treated she was now able to respond to it. Her theory that it was because of divine intervention is just as valid as mine. Unbelievable.


Unknown said...
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Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD said...

I learned about the Bio-Psych-Social concept of disease and well being years ago. Deepak Chopra has done a wonderful job addressing this area. Stress and depression make all illnesses worse. Stress is not as much an external factor as as it is the organism's response to external factors. Patients experiencing stress and emotional turmoil have been shown to have lower natural killer T cells, hihger levels of inflammatory cytokines, and dysregulated hormonal functions. Stress must be reduced for healing to occur. Prayer, meditation, excercise, laughter and balance are critical prescritions in addition to what the doctor recommends.

Hoosiers51 said...

So how long was she on the Mepron and Zithromax for the babesia the second time around? (I believe you said this was her second time)

I am currently on my second round of Mepron, after doing better for a year or so and then suddenly relapsing. The first time I was on it for 3 months, so this time I am thinking somewhere between 4 and 6 months.

Just now approaching the 4 month mark, and the horrendous fatigue that got worse on Mepron is finally starting to let up.

Unknown said...

How do we find out how to get in touch with this dr? He is in the area that we'd like to be able to go to. We like what we've read about how this dr believes in treating lyme on his blog, and are interested. VERY interested! My husband has been being treated for lyme for over a year now, and we are getting very frustrated with a lack of improvement in his health. And now one of my sons is also being treated for lyme. We need to be able to heal our family. Please help us!

Unknown said...
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(Lazy, Hazy, Crazy) LymeDaze said...

I'd appreciate any information on how to contact this physician, in order to see is he's accepting new patients and if not to get on a waiting list. I live within driving distance of what I see as my chance to heal and have a life again. I've read his blog for quite some time, and am very impressed by this doctor's interest, curiosity and skill. I have been treated by another physician for a good while, but sadly I am not progressing and in fact am losing ground. I need fresh eyes to see me. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Very often what is called Neuroboreliosis is actually the activity of a Bartonella infection.
Bartonella causes tumors in the nerves.

“Bartonella are the only bacteria able to produce angiogenic tumors in humans, very much like the Agrobacterium species that produce tumors in plants”

An example are the "Lyme" tooth aches where people get not needed dental work or tinnitus which is actually an acoustic neuroma from a tumor in the inner ear facial nerve system.

Neuropathy issues can be widespread because of Bartonella.