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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ceftin: tastes like sh..

Brand Ceftin was a blue coated tablet which was just fine. These days all you get is a white generic tablet which starts dissolving as soon as it hits your tongue. It is horrible tasting. I now remember why I switched so many people over to Amoxicillin which always comes in capsules.
Ceftin might be a slightly better Lyme drug for many patients. You can request the brand product or you can quickly take the pill with fluids in hand. Once it dissolves on the tongue the taste seems to persist no matter what you do. Of course Flagyl and Biaxin are not great tasting but Ceftin is the worst. If anyone knows how to make it taste better please send a reply.


Elsie said...

Eating a piece of chocolate afterwards helps to get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth.

Unknown said...

I took it for 6 months, someone else from another forum told me to drop it in a bowl of olive oil and coat both sides. Then just stick it as far back on your toungue and swig it down with water. Can't even taste it!!!
Totally worked for me!!
Give it a try!!!


Unknown said...

The taste is horrible, you're right...YUK...I take a little bit of peanut butter and rub it on the pill, then pop it in mouth and quickly swallow with liquid. It seems to do the trick...

The Girl With The Sun In Her Head said...

I have the solution to the Ceftin problem! I bought a bunch of 000-size capsules (the Ceftin pills wouldn't fit into anything smaller), and I insert the pills into the capsules. No more nasty taste!

A bag of 1000 capsules cost me about $30 online. Totally worth it.

Unknown said...

I realize this comment is 3 years late, but I do have the Ceftin solution.

Get your Ceftin prescription filled at CVS. Their drug supplier carries the generic brand manufactured by a company called LUPIN.

The LUPIN brand are much more user friendly.. they don't dissolve immediately. They give you a few seconds to pop it in your mouth and swallow before it starts dissolving. I'm pretty sure they're lightly coated because they're a different consistency than other generics.

I tried putting the gross generics in capsules but I ended up having heartburn and a burny stomach. I imagine it was because they weren't dissolving immediately? Not sure though.

2girls2love said...

My poor 6 year old had to take this in liquid. She can only get it down by prepping her with an antiemetic (dr recommended of course), mixing it with 2 parts brown sugar AND squirting hershey syrup in her mouth between spoonfuls. She still gagged, but at least it stayed down. It's going to be a fun 21 days :)