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Friday, November 6, 2009

Musings with a patient today

Biaxin and Plaquenil? We have been taught that Plaquenil makes the intracellular environment more alkaline so Biaxin works better. Is this true? I don't know. I have also read that Plaquenil is anti-cyst. Sapi has now shown that Plaquenil induces cysts. You are on so many meds: let's drop the Plaquenil for now. The Malarone seems to be making the sweats go away. You are not sure, could the the sweats are hormonally induced? Possibly. My guess is that we are fighting Babesia: you tested positive. The low dose anti-malarial drug seems to work. Other patients require much higher doses.Biaxin decreases the Atovaquone by up to 40%. Many doctors switch to Zithromax for Babesia; Biaxin is a much better Lyme drug. We are covering more territory. The Bactrim you are taking for Bartonella also has some anti-Babesia effects; perhaps that is why you are doing so well. Patients seem to do better in the long run when anti-cyst drugs are added. Tindamax is the best--but that is for later.

How long do we treat Babesia for? Good question. Until the symptoms go away. There is no magic number. It has been said treat for 5 months because red blood cells have a 4 month life span. The only problem is that Babesia can also hide in the bone marrow, liver and spleen. The IDSA claims that it only resides in red blood cells--not true.

You followed all of that? You are doing better than you think!


glytzhkof said...

Perhaps a mad misconception from a non-medical person, but since these cysts are so hard to fight, would it be possible to find a way to trigger their mass conversion to spirochete form and then hit them with pulsed spirochete drugs?

The reason I am wondering, is due to the carcinogenic potential of the Nitroimidazole antibiotics.

I suppose such a treatment might be very heavy on the body - but could it work in later stages of treatment when the spirochete load is low?

I have had so many relapses - my body is full of cysts, I am sure of it. I keep using Flagyl, and it really does work, but I can't do that forever.

With an dug-in enemy, perhaps artillery shelling isn't effective? Could we draw Borrelia out of its cage somehow?

MJ said...

Was no me but seems you were talking about me and with me; wow, thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Biaxin is a "loner" remember? when I did the famous combination with Plaquenil my chest was about to explode of so much pressure, I stopped it. I believed the "goods" of Plaquenil was because it is an anti-malarial, but it seems it does the opposite that we need, cysts, wow! Now having Biaxin with Bactrim and also Flagyl life seems to be coming to me! I'm also ready for Ivermectin; those are my guns Dear Blogger Glytzhkof, hope you get good ones to help you too!
Question: are there other labs besides Clongen that do the "Wet Mount Test"? I live six states far from Clongen...
Doctor thank you, this information is so valuable; I would love to hear what IDSA and CDC say about it; they are against Metronidazol and most all treatments but Rocephyn and doxy, why?

MJ said...

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glytzhkof said...

Thanks Orlando, perhaps it's time to try the new antibiotics Tigecycline: .

Unknown said...

WOW, "Tick borne disease radio"? Is that in Europe or here? wow!
Someone here once presented a study about "Tavanic" as a real Borrelia killer and well, I guess we have to try it all if needed!

GH said...

Could I plead with you to treat my little daughter who is 2 years old and was bitten by a tick in May this year? She has intense night sweats and trouble walking. At times she has intense joint pain. She was treated with 10 days amoxicillin and then 5 weeks of biaxin. I would give anything for you to see her... please...
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