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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Lyme...

I saw one of my better success stories today in the office. I have mentioned her before. She presented with a weird pneumonia, arthritis and rash. She had two stroke like syndromes. The first time she was sent home with a "mystery diagnosis." The second time she saw me. She had severe weakness on the left side of her body. She was treated with IV antibiotics and she is now fully recovered.

She initially had an elevated ANA titer and was told she had a variant of Lupus.
This returned to normal with antibiotics.

Her Labcorp Lyme WB was negative. She couldn't afford the IgeneX test, but- she tested positive by the Lyme C6 peptide test. According to the CDC and the IDSA this doesn't count.

When I tried to explain the political/legal aspects of the illness she was totally befuddled. She is highly insulted. Are THEY trying to say she doesn't have Lyme disease? YES. Are THEY trying to say her doctor is a quack? YES.

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