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Monday, June 2, 2008

What are good resources for Lyme information?

ILADS is an excellent starting place. The ILADS guidelines are evidence based and provide the basis of a scientific rational approach for the management of chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Burasacanno's guidelines have been published on line for many years and provide the "Bible" of chronic Lyme providing the foundation for many Lyme doctors. Dr. Jemsek has written much about the basic science of Lyme and his approach to the disease. He is an excellent resource. Dr. Stricker has written much, particularly about the Lyme controversies. He has done many nice reviews of the science, the literature and the state of the art. There are many new books coming out, many which I have not yet read. The Book Healing Lyme provides an excellent summary of the nomenclature, science of the organism and a description of the controversies. Regarding the herbal therapies he suggests, I have no opinion. The book the "Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments" has some interesting information, and some with which I disagree. I do not agree with his recommendations regarding antibiotics and believe some of the information is incorrect and misleading. The information about the Marshall protocol is of interest, but most clinicians have not found this treatment to be effective. The emphasis on Salt and Vitamin C appears unwarranted to me. The discussion of the rife machine is interesting. Some of my patients have invested in these devices and found them somewhat effective. They are expensive and do not seem to cure anyone. Much of the discussion of alternative therapies is interesting, however these things are not of proven benefit. This book has some good and bad points. I do not recommend it as a primary source of Lyme information. I suspect that support groups such as the National Capital Lyme Association may also be a good resource. I am a little leery of internet groups because they have the potential to disseminate a lot of misinformation. More later.

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