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Friday, May 30, 2008

What is Chamydia pneumonia, CPN, and what does it have to do with Lyme disease?

What I have not yet discussed is the controversial notion that Lyme causes "everything." Well, not everything, that's a slight exaggeration. This version of the Lyme paradigm suggests that chronic fatigue syndrome is really Lyme disease. Fibromyalgia is really Lyme disease. Lyme infection triggers autoimmune disease in persons who are genetically inclined such as MS, Lupus, and Rheumatoid arthritis. And many are convinced that Lyme is the key to Alzheimer's disease. Their are a group of physicians who are doing parallel research. They believe that Chlamydia pneumonia, or CPN, is the cause of everything. This group of devotees believes CPN causes fibromylagia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and a host of autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disorders. These two infections intersect at the word L-form. Both exist as intracellular organisms called L-forms. CPN has a 3 phase life cycle which is somewhat reminiscent of Lyme. CPN is very hard to kill. Studies show that it takes months or years of combination antibiotic therapy to eliminate this organism. CPN is ubiquitous. It is common respiratory pathogen, not to be confused with its cousin Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted pathogen. Most of the research on CPN has been done at The Vanderbuilt School of Medicine. The chief expert in this area is Dr. Charles Stratton. Dr. David Weldon, a researcher and clinician in England has provided compelling evidence showing a link between CPN and MS. He reports anecdotal evidence of his success in treating MS patients. More startling is the work of Dr. Martz, a victim of ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. He was shown to be infected with Lyme. Intravenous treatment with Rocephin caused a remission of his otherwise fatal illness. He has treated both ALS and MS patients for Lyme and met with some success. However, his findings have not yet been published. Protocols for treating CPN include Amoxicillin, Docycyline, Zithromax and Flagyl. Interesting. These are all Lyme drugs. Dr. Stratton has also recommended Rifampin, which at times is very effective as a Lyme therapy. He also recommends INH, an anti-Tuberculosis drug, which most physicians avoid because the risk of liver toxicity is substantial. Many patients evaluated for Lyme have high antibody titers to CPN. Since it is an intracellular germ it is difficult, like Borrelia, to prove it is causing active infection. However laboratory experiments attest to its hardyness and its uncanny ability to defeat both the immune system as well as antibiotics. These two areas of research and treatment have been sparate from one another. Again the commonality is the idea of chronic L-form infection leading to a host of consequences. Patients with a high L-form burden may be more likely to have vitamin D dysfunction with reversal of normal levels, as described by Marshall. The importance of CPN may be that simultaneous infection with Borrelia makes treatment more challenging. It may help direct the choices of antibiotics as well as the likely duration of treatment. CPN is not a Lyme co-infection because it is not tick borne. It may ultimately be of much greater importance than the usual co-infections that are stressed by most "Lyme" doctors. Most "Lyme literate MDs" do not discus CPN. Doctors who specialize in CPN, there are not many of them at this time, seem to be unaware of Lyme literature. I believe the integration of these two areas will eventually lead to newer thinking and treatment for what is becoming rather than just Lyme disease, but the Lyme complex syndrome.


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MJ said...

You are so absolutely right; they are now focusing more in a discussion to see who is right thatn in really treating people in need!
The problem is, what do we, humans suffering multi-symptoms should do?
I was given some "calming" pills, for anxiety I guess - never took them- because the Doctors said they didn't know what was wrong with me. Having a mixture of palpitations, sinusitis, with neck stiffness and joint swelling that didn't resolve as a thyroiditis was diagnosed as what... anxiety?
I have suffered so much with no need. It could have been treated in an "early" stage" but Doctors didn't dare; it was not in their comfort zone! ... so now, should I "give" my self to be treated in an experiment for the benefit of some Doctors who are playing God? or should I keep treating my self with colloidal silver and flushing my nose every other hour? - I'm 60% better with this, incredible, but the infection is there and I don't know how to get rid of it! Who cares? it's just a one person mental and physical health ah?
Yes, they all are very famous,
may God think the same!
Thank you so much for your posts and your very valuable information.

MJ said...

Your post was "posted" in the cpn blog = and got special answers, did you see them?

At least you turned the discussions to the same point: we are all in the same boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see the "bloggers' divided into "we are the good ones", or "we are the knowledgeable ones"; and into "we are the ones with the real illness" - funny ah?
Plus, I see there's a fight about who's the one Doctor that is doing the only protocol that will really cure... and will cure the one real illness...?
Hope it all ends good for everyone.

I was banned from one blog for not being into a CAP protocol...
but any of the 4 Doctors I have seen dares to give me one; so, if I am condemned to "watch others eat ice cream" I can at least say that I am recovering by my self, and so sorry to say that I am in much better health than many that have been treated with this Cap protocol for years....
Yes, Lyme or CPN there's the dilemma;
Patients or Doctors, here's the answer!
Muchas gracias for listening!

laurawkelly said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great writing except Chlamydia pneumoniae is tick borne, and a Lyme co-infection.

Unknown said...

Great writing except Chlamydia pneumoniae is tick borne, and a Lyme co-infection.

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