Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mystery blood parasites

Blood smears from my office lab reported as part of a series.
This image from one of my patients shows indeterminate findings. Parasitic organisms are seen within a red blood cell. Bartonella is frequently seen at the edge of red blood cells but is also found inside cells. These organisms are too large for typical Bartonella --  although there is a lot of variability in the size of differing species. These organisms cannot be identified as Babesia since they lack clear diagnostic characteristics. For now I have to classify these findings under "mystery bugs."  


Tiggerkat said...

contaminant? I am sure there are so many "mystery bugs" and particles (spores, prions, and such) from "bugs". I think there is so much more in these patients and we need more docs like you looking into these things and increasing public awareness. thank you.

plööh said...

Well, in some of your 2008 writings you criticized frylabs for their unscientific work. They too thought at first that this mystery bug was babesia, but call it now protomyxzoa rheumatica, or FL1953. It is the root cause of most chronic disease.

plööh said...
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Anonymous said...

The segmented neutrophil looks like it has toxic granules in it. I'd make a concentrated smear and stain it.

As an ex Med-tech, back in the old days before the ANA came out to replace the lupus blood preps, I'd see lots of bugs and pseudo lupus like cells on concentrated smears. The smears were made from green top (I believe) tubes with glass beads. After drawing the blood up in the tube, it was placed on a tube rocker for an hour to traumatize the blood cells and stimulate the lupus rosette which used to be the hall mark of diagnosing lupus.

It was rare to see a true lupus rosette, but the pathologists would confirm these pseudo lupus rosettes as "lupus" anyway. In one of the cases, the patient was very ill in the hospital with acute lupus. i found a worm on one of the slides, another worm 20 slides later, we took stool, blood samples, etc. tests were negative. Finally the dr decided to biopsy the sores on her body. Bingo! Many many worms exiting the body. Patient underwent dangerous anti parasite drug treatment but lived and lupus went away!

As you can see, I don't believe in Lupus and other diseases. it's all bugs. the microscope doesn't lie.

Charles555nc said...

Are you fimilar with Dr Steve Fry's work on Protomyxzoa? Its a Babesia like organism and he thinks its related to alot of chronic conditions and he considers it the essential one to get rid of.