Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blood smear of BLOs from our office lab

Blood smear images from our office lab.

This Giemsa blood smear shows typical Bartonella-like bacteria. These are seen as small dots which color blue at the edges or just inside the red blood cells. These are larger than a Bartonella-like organism shown below in a different images. There are many species of Bartonella-like bacteria of differing sizes. These smears are an adjunct in the diagnosis of patients with tick borne illness. We are not able to speciate, (indicate a specific species) and antibody tests and PCR DNA tests are negative. We call these bacteria Bartonella-like but they really fall within the realm of mystery bugs.


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Unknown said...

Does a person need to be a current patient of yours to have blood drawn and examined by your lab? I live in in the midwest and I'm already seeing a wonderful LLMD, but would love to have my blood examined in your lab.