Friday, October 14, 2016

Unsuspected high level parasitemia (babesiosis)

 Everything I said in the last post needs to be taken with a grain of salt. 

A 40 year old patient from Texas recently presented to my office with:  fatigue, headache, crawling sensations, shooting ear pain, feeling hot, hearing loss, lack of endurance, poor sleep, sound sensitivity, brain fog, swelling of lymph nodes, irritability and other strange sounding symptoms.

She denies ever experiencing: night sweats, air hunger, fevers, depression, mood changes or tearfulness.

She had previously tested positive for Lyme antibodies.

This patient's Giemsa stained blood smear shows a high level of parasitemia. (High levels of Babesia in the blood).


Babesia antibodies were not present. Only B. microti and B. duncani tests are available.  LabCorp is offering the B. duncani or WA1 antibody test again.  Direct examination of freshly prepared stained blood smear remains the gold standard for the identification of the organisms. Other, high tech modalities may be limited, especially when the particular species is unknown. These other tests may include: PCR and FISH.

Some patterns of disease are frequently observed, but the disease as a whole, remains quite unpredictable.

A coinfection cannot be excluded based on history alone. On the flip side, a negative blood test does not exclude the presence of coinfection. In this case Babesia. All available Babesia tests are imperfect.

One of the many challenges.


WLP Romania said...

Doc, are you using clindamycin for the treatment of babesiosis?

Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD said...

I am not currently discussing specific meds, but -- clindamycin is potentially more toxic than other drugs and not a first choice.

Phoebe said...

Can you please tell us which lab you are using for your blood smears? I am interested in having this done. Thanks!

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Betty G, IOWA lyme activist said...

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Jack was 1st WORLDWIDE with the discovery of these 2 diseases; he will be written up in a Scientific medical journal in future; Alan stated I was to be "1st co-author" over him, Paula Pierce whose Excalibur Lab in Norman, OKLA. did initial work prior to Alan's blood staining, and Tom Grier ;) by Betty Gordon, widow, Iowa

Betty & Jack Gordon's story...82 years as chronic Lyme disease patients; EACH MISDIAGNOSED for 35 years!

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LEWY body dementia links galore on what they discovered in my late husband, Jack Gordon, & Cape Cod patient