Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chronic daily headache syndrome and the Monsters inside us

A 26 year old woman recently sought my opinion regarding her chronic daily headache syndrome. She had been to multiple neurologists, tried nerve blocks and been treated with every migraine/headache medicine under the sun. Nothing has ever helped. The headaches have decimated her quality of life.  She had a remote history of Lyme disease more than two decades before, first presenting as a toxic synovitis of a hip in a toddler. A course of antibiotics helped to some extent, but other "mystery" symptoms persisted. The headaches started in earnest 4 years ago and have only been getting worse. By chance, she came across my episode of (Monsters Inside Me)  and came to see me for a recent consultation.

Lyme serology is positive. From Quest the WA1(B. duncani) titer is positive, 1:256.

The Giemsa stain confirms the presence of active babesiosis: a potential cause of chronic daily headache syndrome.

Smearing and fixing must be done immediately. These procedures and staining require a great deal of expertise. These parasites degrade quickly in blood tubes and will not be found by outside labs because of this delay.


Ramilin said...

I woke up one day in 7-2008 with a headache that never went away. After ALOT of bouncing from neuro's, hospitals in my state and out of my state... I followed my gut and figured out it had to be Lyme.

Almost a year later, and a plane trip, I arrived to your office, praying for a miracle. The miracle was you!

You NEVER treated me like I was faking anything, you always listened and you treated aggressively.

I was confirmed with Lyme (lite infection), but heavy with Bart as well as a mystery pathogen living in my red cells (found with blood smear).

You treated me for 24/7 headaches...successfully. I can say, it's been 3-1/2 yrs since treatment ended and I am still in remission.

Without you, I would still be bed ridden. I owe my life to you and your dedication!

I hope this young lady gets the same results as I did.

Dee Kay said...

The parasites are real I got one out of my head with colodial silver olive leaf extract kills most of them but one stayed in my brain I can feel it move sometimes and I get headaches and when I got this slug thing out of my ear I used peroxide and when it hit the floor it vanished in thin air so they are transdimensioal parasites I have an invisible snake thing that goes through my body sometimes it is pretty scary I don't think people could handle it and if the hospitals and gov knew how real it is they would go into panic on a mass scale