Monday, June 30, 2008

Lyme and Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Alan McDonald, a a pathologist and leading Lyme researcher, has studied autopsied brains of Alzheimer victims. He hypothesized that Lyme like late stage syphilis could cause a late stage dementia 40 years after infection. He has cultured Lyme spirochetes from the brain tissue of
Alzheimer victims. He has discovered colonies of spirochetes called biofilms. These biofilms help promote the survival of spirochetes in hostile or adverse conditions. In these colonies the spiral form is replaced by cystic forms, granular dot forms and L-forms. Dr. MacDonald does not believe that all cases of Alheimer's ware caused by Lyme disease. However it may be a significant cause of the disease. His web site: shows images of his work and links to his research. Dr. MacDonald has also done work on the vertical transmission of Lyme disease from mother to infant. He has demonstrated Lyme in autopsies of still born infants. This research has tremendous implication and needs to be introduced into the public arena.


rsav said...

I recently saw the Under our Skin documentary and reference to lymes biofilms. Scarry stuff! Is there an effective approach to attacking biofilms? I saw a reference to EDTA as able to "punch thru" biofilms and allow abx to be more effective. Any thoughts on this approach?

Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD said...

Biofilms are resistant to antibiotic therapy. I don't think EDTA work. When patients first develop cognitive issues the process can be reversed, especially with long term IV Rocephin. Once Alzheimers has become entrenched nothing seems to work. In my experience the brain Herx only makes it worse. This seems to be the opinion of other Lyme doctors as well. Unfortunately given the current state of the art, treatment of Advanced Alzheimers is locking the barn door after the horse is already out. said...

More current results of bio films of Borrelia in autopsy Alzheimer's brain tissues has been presented in the documentary "EMERGENCE". - Under Our Skin Part 2
Which was released in year 2014.
Respectfully submitted
Alan B MacDonaldMD FCAP
November 27 2014

Christian Baluyut said...

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